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Flag Rus Kladovest - Kladovest (2006) [2008 re-issue] official CD-rip

*Year: 2006 [2008 re-issue]
*Style: atmospheric pagan black influenced by Drudkh and Astrofaes
*Country: Ukraine / Czech
*Label: Kunsthauch
*Bitrate: 256 kbps
*Size: 74 Мб

1. Mourned by Twillight Wind 09:25
2. Shadows 08:41
3. Battlefields 08:19
4. Kladovest 09:41
5. Glacial Darkness (Astrofaes cover) 03:49

*Total Playing Time/Общее время: 39:55

отдельно песня Mourned by Twillight Wind:[/doc]

Review from
This album is a result of Ukrainian - Czech cooperation. Ukrainian band Kladovest contacted Radalf (Nemesis, Hyperborean Desire). Had a few words together and Kladovest sent music and lyrics to him. Radalf played a little with it, recorded at home and sent back. Simply the cooperation with satisfaction on both sides. Well and I listen to the result now.

And now attention all of you that are true and pure! Kladovest sounds very “northerly”. Raw freezing guitars, that are accompanied by drum machine. Long repeating parts, this all in connection with Radalf's vocal makes monstrous work and only one name comes into my mind - Burzum. Yes, I would compare it to Burzum.

And as a treat the lyrics - lyrics are about nostalgic pictures of long past Ukrainian sceneries and about phantoms of dead warriors fighting Turks and Cossacks. About dark voices whispering in cursed forests. About blood once spilled, deep marshes and about rusted weapons cursed with despair.

I had opportunities to see Radalf live with the band Nemesis and to listen to the record of the band Hyperborean Desire, in which he works too. But with Kladovest he surprised me. Well not so much, because I knewm that he really is “master singer”. Radalf presents at this album his vocal in several forms. From mild melancholy to frighteningly depressive. Frenetic screeching scrambling from deepness of ancient land echoing in snow storms and howling of inhuman beings shuddering in agony. Sounds wailing in fire squalls.

The whole album closes with Astrofaes cover - Glacial Darkness.

I recommend this album, so that you would listen to the voices like I do.

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