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Flag Dan Of the Wand and the Moon - Emptiness Emptiness Emptiness (2001), Dark Folk

*Artist: Of the Wand and the Moon
*Album: Emptiness Emptiness Emptiness
*Year: 2001
*Style: Dark Folk
*Country: Denmark
*Format/Quality: [email protected]/s, Stereo/Joint-Stereo
*Size: 114.58 MB

1. Lost In Emptiness
2. My Devotion Will Never Fade
3. In A Robe Of Fire
4. Algir Naudir Wunjo
5. Silver Rain
6. Gal Anda
7. Here's To Misery (A Toast)
8. Can I Erase The Demon?
9. Reficul
Total playing time: 60:23

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Kim Larsen - vocals, guitars, keyboards (ex-Saturnus, ex-Blazing Eternity, The Loveless)

Additional musicians:
Brian Hansen - bass on (Lost In Emptiness, My Devotion Will Never Fade, Silver
Rain, Silver Rain, & Here's To Misery (A Toast)
Lars Koldkjжr - percussion on Algir Naudir Wunjo & Can I Erase The Demon
Linda Knudsen - backing vox on In a Robe Of Fire.
Thomas Hjort-Jensen - violin on In a Robe Of Fire.
Alex - Roland cello on In a Robe Of Fire.
Hansen - sound constructions on Reficul.
Freja Bro Swrensen - flute on Gal Anda.

Reviews for Of the Wand and the Moon's Emptiness Emptiness Emptiness
Suprisingly Good - 90%
Written by IcemanJ256 on October 28th, 2004

This is one of the best folk CDs I've discovered in a while. I discovered it very suddenly at metal forums when people mentioned it is a folk project by an ex-Saturnus member (even though I have yet to check out Saturnus), so I just bought it on an impulse. It reminds me a little of Death in June (if anyone at this site has heard of them) because of the very laid-back vocals, calm rhythmic strumming, other sounds and instruments thrown in, and a few experimental ambient songs.

The first song "Lost in Emptiness" is one of the best. It starts off with a very ambient, creepy sound but suddenly the acoustic strumming begins, it's a quite simple song really, the melodies are just so perfect. "My Devotion Will Never Fade" contains some organs and interesting percussion. "In a Robe of Fire" is completely different and contains soft melancholic violins underneath similar sounding singing. "Algir Naudir Wunjo" is a long, creepy, very atmospheric song containing very low-pitched melodies of some sort, a constant, mysterious tribal rhythm, and threatening voices and whispers that can't really be understood. It sounds like it should be music for a level in Doom or something. It seems out of place but it is really good, although very different from the short, simple folk songs. If you're a fan of Raison D'etre you might like this side of the album.

"Silver Rain" is back to the folk style, this one freakishly similar to something on "But What Ends When Symbols Shatter?" (Death in June album, apocalyptic-folk from UK). I really don't know if they are an influence or not but it sure sounds like it. This has slow-paced strumming with a certain keyboard or synth sound in the background. "Gal Anda" is the best song; it is a feast for your ears. The strumming is faster paced, and there are organs in the background and some percussion. Near the middle of the song, the acoustic guitar disappears for a minute leaving just vocals, organs and quiet percussion, only to return to what the first part sounded like with the addition of a flute! I'd buy this album if it was just the last minute and 25 seconds of this song. The whole thing has such mixed feelings of mellowness yet urgency, if that makes any sense whatsoever. There are 3 more songs, 1 folk and 2 atmospheric.

This isn't anything even close to metal, but I like a lot of folk music anyways. I bought this very suddenly because so many people suggested it in a discussion about folk and I was so pleasantly surprised that I bought their other two albums within about two weeks.
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wand, moon, emptiness, (2001), dark, folk

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