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Flag Nor Isengard - Hostmorke (1995), Folk / Black Metal

*Artist: Isengard
*Album: Hostmorke
*Year: 1995
*Style: Folk / Black Metal
*Country: Norway
*Format/Quality: [email protected]/s, Stereo/Joint-Stereo
*Size: 42.98 MB

1. Neslepaks 05:31
2. Landet Og Havet 01:07
3. I Kamp Med Kvitekrist 04:57
4. I Ei Gran Borti Nordre Asen 03:43
5. Over De Syngende Ode Moer 05:52
6. Thornspawn Chalice 08:10
7. Total Death 02:50
Total playing time: 32:10

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Last known line-up
Fenriz - Vocals, Drums, Guitars, Bass, Synth

Reviews for Isengard Hostmorke

Written by dividingforce on August 15th, 2004

This is the way folk metal should be done, no matter what other genre it's mixed with. Fenriz took part black metal, part folk metal, mixed them together and what we have is a classic album that nobody should be without.

The music, on the tracks that have music, is distinctly black metal in origin, but the folk influences are felt throughout. The guitars aren't as frantic, but rather a little slower and very atmospheric. The bass is pretty audible, which adds a little more to the semi-eerie, semi-folkish atmosphere, and the drums are always the way they should be, it seems. As for Fenriz's vocals, I'm often reminded at times of a wizard's chant. Especially in "Neslepaks" and "Over De Syngende Ode Moer"; I can just picture Saruman from Lord of the Rings, standing atop his tower, chanting to the skies his spells. However, not all the vocals are clearly sung. In "Thornspawn" and "Total Death" we begin to see the true black metal side of Fenriz; harsh, screamed lyrics, frantic guitars, crashing black metal drumming and chaotic basslines. It's a great way to end such an album.

If you're a Darkthrone fan and you haven't heard this release, be ashamed of yourself and then proceed to go find it. Everyone needs to have this; it'll make the black metal kid inside you scream with glee.

Damn near perfection. - 97%
Written by BlackEnergy on May 13th, 2003

I'll start off by saying that Fenriz' competency as a solo artist amazes me. He may have discarded Isengard back in 1995, but even then his contribution to Darkthrone was minimal as far as actual music was concerned (only doing the drumwork). In Isengard, Fenriz took care of everything, and he did it well.

Now Vinterskugge was a great album, but words cannot describe how much better Hшstmшrke is. Vinterskugge focused on the aspects of folk and black metal equally, while Hшstmшrke places much more emphasis on the folk side of things. The only real black metal on the album is seen in the last two tracks, "Thornspawn Chalice" and "Total Death". Furthermore, these are the only low points of the album, "Thornspawn Chalice" being slightly better. On the rest of the album everything is amazing, from the folk music to the highly melodic vocals.

Which brings me to my next point: the vocals. I'll quote the person who originally recommended me Fenriz by saying "his voice has character". Simple as it is, that statement sums it up entirely. The vocals on the folk side of the album are clean, melodic, and rather operatic sounding (for lack of a better word, mind you); they are captivating and are by all means a sole reason for listening to the album.

The music on the folk part of the album is just as good. While fairly simple sounding, it draws you in and complements the vocal style perfectly. The riffs in the songs (or at least, the songs with riffs) are all extremely varied too, straying from the repetitive sounds often seen in similar styles/genres. The drums (Fenriz' main instrument, it seems) are also very well done. Songs like "Landet og Havet" and "I ei Gran Borti Nordre Еsen" deviate from the normal folk sound, yet still blending in perfectly with the rest of the album. The former is actually sung in the vein of the Christmas carol "What Child Is This?"...I am sure if this was at all intentional, but the two do sound strikingly similar; the latter uses some traditional folk-sounding instrument whose name or origin I am not aware of.

It's really a shame Fenriz isn't still making Isengard albums; nevertheless, Hшstmшrke should fulfill your musical desires for a long period of time despite its short length.

Highlights: "Neslepaks", "Landet og Havet", "I Kamp med Hvitekrist", "I ei Gran Borti Nordre Еsen"
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По умолчанию ответ: Isengard - Hostmorke (1995), Folk / Black Metal

я его еще слушал в 95-ом -по настоящему труёвая штучная вещь

респект модератору

I Ei Gran Borti Nordre Esen - эта песня вошла в самую первую компиляцию блэковых баллад на територии снг- Nordik viking hymns - ,братцы блэкстеры, помогите найти её в цифре -это редкая вещь- особенно в содержательном смысле.
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isengard, hostmorke, (1995), folk, black, metal

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