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По умолчанию Lord Wind - Forgotten Songs (1996), Pagan / Slavonic

*Artist: Lord Wind
*Album: Forgotten Songs
*Year: 1996
*Style: Pagan / Slavonic
*Country: Poland
*Format/Quality: [email protected]/s, Stereo/Joint-Stereo
*Size: 70.81 MB

1. Windstory of Old Ghost 02:59
2. War Song 02:31
3. Song Like Wind 07:53
4. Going to War 06:02
5. Signal for Fight 04:12
6. Prolog-Sword for Son 00:45
7. Father's Sword 02:44
8. Only Your Spirit Will Return 07:13
9. Pagan Holocaust 09:40
10. Funeral Song 05:03
11. Arianrod Heil! 02:03
Total playing time: 51:05

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Current line-up
Rob Darken (Robert Fudali): all instruments

Reviews for Lord Wind's Forgotten Songs

The Ancient Spirit Lives. - 90%
Written by I_am_thy_abyss on June 23rd, 2004

This release, from Darken's side project, Lord Wind, just lead us to an ancient kind of story, where we see all the love for war and blood themes, telled to us by an kind of old man, the old ghost (wich we ear in every speaked tracks, with an old man's and cavernous voice), and epic folk sounds. It is just remarcable the work that Darken do with is capacities, to show us and to glorify the ancient side from the music he had created this Lord Wind project, and the first album it is just perfect.
The first song, the windstory of a "ghost", lead us to think that this is a album to honour the ancient ones, the roots of war. A acoustic atmosphere, with acoustic guitars, tribal percurssion and contemporaneous folk sounds, surrounded by a taste of modernity, with the keyboards, we are now deep in a war tale, with all the tribal and medieval aspects to make this album a artistic one. When there are no speaked tracks, Darken do an excellent retract of the name of the music, just using sounds. To make all this atmosphere more scary, in almost every track we can ear some wind sounds, made by this spirit, the heteronymous of Darken, the Lord Wind himself, the god of wind. I think that this idea it's just amazing, making the perfect ambient to a relaxing escape from the urban and grotesc reality of nowadays, to a more natural and beatifull zone, the zone of the forgotten sounds.
The album it's a "one song" to me, so i can not show any relevences, we have to ear the entire album if we want to absorve all the majestic art.

A return to the old times - 95%
Written by Berserker on June 4th, 2004

Forgotten Songs is not a metal release, but it has more spirit and power than most of the metal I've heard. Here, Darken takes the longing for ancient times and the heathen folk melodies of Graveland to the next level of purity. The album has themes of warfare, themes of tradition, themes of dedication to honor, to a long forgotten warrior ethos, and to the spirits of one's ancestors; all of which are presented with a strong pagan folk background and an unforgettable atmosphere that fires the imagination and truly takes the listener on a journey through the mists of the past.

The sound on Forgotten Songs is earthen and full, with simple folkish acoustic melodies flowing forward into repetitive movements over a foundation of primitive and well devised tribal drums, supported by tasteful, moody keyboard lines that stay well in the background and aid in the mythical atmosphere of the music. Distorted guitar is rarely present, and only makes its way into the foreground once on the album, during the doomy and truly somber track 10, "Funeral Song." Darken's restrained almost painful croak makes its presence known as he utters mournful, mythical, and epic tales and hymns to ancient ways and an ancient people. My favorite moment on this album is the combination of tracks 6 and 7: the spoken-word "Sword For Son" forms an enticing prelude for the epic "Father's Sword." Despite being largely instrumental, this sequence tells a remarkably vivid story; epic, for sure.
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lord, wind, forgotten, songs, (1996), pagan, slavonic

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