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По умолчанию Pazuzu - The End Of All Ages (1999), Fantasy on atmosphere and ambience music

*Artist: Pazuzu
*Album: The End Of All Ages
*Year: 1999
*Style: Dark Ambient / Fantasy
*Country: Austria (Vienna)
*Format/Quality: [email protected]/s, Stereo
*Size: 59.84 MB

1. Somber Arrival ? An Introduction 2:12
2. Schalen des Zorns 4:23
3. Passages 1:18
4. An Antidote for God 1:59
5. Epic 4:19
6. Eclipse: Final clash of swords 4:32
7. Saturn's somber moons (The Voyage) 3:36
8. Harpsichord and Percussion interlude 0:45
9. The Weeping willow (Out of Body experience) 2:47
10. Das Reich der Magie 2:22
11. The haunted City 3:25
12. La fin de l'ete 1:23
Total playing time: 33:17

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Current line-up
Pazuzu (Raymond Wells): all instruments

Band biography

PAZUZU, an ancient Sumerian Demon, worshipped thousands of years before the birth of monotheistic religions, was dreaded for his appearance and ruthlessness. But in time his name became nothing but a legend, echoing from times past. In early 1994, Silenius Gregor, Richard Lederer (both of Summoning fame) and Ray Wells, re invoked this dark force and created a band by the name of PAZUZU, with the idea to introduce a new type of dark music to the metal scene, and especially Black Metal Genre. The focus was to be more on atmosphere and ambience, rather than guitars and drums. These were quite simply replaced by flutes, kettledrums and bagpipes. The fruits of this first collaboration were the demo " The Urilia Text " and the first full length album " And all was silent " on Head not Found.
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pazuzu, end, ages, (1999), fantasy, atmosphere, ambience, music

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