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По умолчанию Conan The Barbarian - Original Soundtrack (1982)

Полная и оригинальная версия саундтрэка 82 года.На двух дисках

*Год: 1982
*Стиль: Epic / Folk
*Страна: USA
*Формат: [email protected]/s, Stereo
*Размер: 156.27 Mb

1.Prologue - Anvil Of Crom
2.Riddle Of Steel - Riders Of Doom
3.The Gift Of Fury
4.Column Of Sadness - Wheel Of Pain
6.Dicipline Of Steel
7.Atlantean Sword
8.The Witch
9.Theology - Civilization
10.Heaven For Thieves
11.Tower Of Set
13.Wifeing (Love Theme)
14.The Tavern
15.The Leaving - The Search
16.Mountain Of Power Procession
17.Children Of Doom (Unused)
18.The Tree Of Woe
1.Battle Preparations
2.The Kitchen - The Orgy
3.Encounter With Rexor
4.Funeral Pyre
5.Battle Of The Mounds
6.Resourceful Warriors
7.Death Of Rexor
8.Doom Decapitated
9.Orphans Of Doom - The Awakening
10.End Credits
11.Conan Live: Part I
12.Part II
13.Part III
14.Part IV
15.Part V

Total playing time: 116:17

Скачать / Download:

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Conan The Barbarian

Conan hit the big screen in 1982 with Conan the Barbarian, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Thulsa Doom, evil ruler of the snake cult of Set, raids a Cimmerian village, decimating most of the populace and selling the rest into slavery, including young Conan. Conan grows up as powerfully-built man and is trained as a fighter, before being granted his freedom. Joined by the thief Valeria, who becomes his lover, and the archer Subotai, Conan conducts an outrageous robbery of one of the cult’s temples in Shadizar. This brings them to the attention of the king who hires them to rescue his daughter from the clutches of the Set cult, something that gives Conan the chance to meet with Thulsa Doom again and avenge the death of his parents.
Robert E. Howard's pulp novel warrior is brought to life in director John Milius' fantasy action adventure. Arnold Schwarzenegger gained worldwide fame as the sword-wielding Barbarian out for revenge against evil sorcerer Thulsa Doom, who enslaved him as a child and destroyed the people of his village. Co-written by Milius and Oliver Stone. Followed by the sequel Conan the Destroyer in 1984.

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По умолчанию ответ: Conan The Barbarian - Original Soundtrack (1982)


It must be interesting...

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По умолчанию ответ: Conan The Barbarian - Original Soundtrack (1982)

Мне понравилось. Конана, всегда любил. Спасибо.
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conan, barbarian, original, soundtrack, (1982)

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