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По умолчанию Graveland - Promo June [demo] (1992)

*Год: 1992
*Стиль: Pagan / Black Metal
*Страна: Poland
*Формат: [email protected]/s, Stereo
*Размер: 26.02 Mb

1. Intro
2. Cathedral Of Shadows
3. The Dawn Of Samhain
4. Dark Visions
Total playing time: 19:12

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Artist Review: / Album Review:

The Bio 2001.Thousand years of rule of strange to our true pagan culture, judeo-christianity has not passed a test of time.Today christianity collapses. True pagan traditions and beliefs of Europe survived. Christianity has not destroyed our ancestors’ beliefs and traditions. Pagan spirit and identity still live in us. Pagan blood runs in our veins. Our true Gods have not forgotten us. The time of their return is coming. And we, Sons of Fire and Steel will go with Them to fight a great battle. The sound of war horns will get us heated to fight. Many of us will die but nobody will care about it. It is a honour to be born to die in such a battle. The rest is not important. Life is not a constant satisfaction of vain greeds. Dark clouds of war, the flock of black ravens in the sky are the signs of the time of a big trial. Every man takes his sword and shield and goes conducted by the sound of war horns. Gods’ deputy will show us the way...

Graveland is one of these bands that followed the voice of blood, melody of battle horns,knocking of weapon, voice of dying brave warriors...

Darken, inspired by early music of Black Metal band Bathory, creates Graveland as solo project in 1992. He creates and records first Graveland songs released as ‘Necromanteion’ and ‘Drunemeton’. Thanks to these demos Graveland starts to exist in Black Metal underground. Darkness, Celtic beliefs and mythology, hatred against christianity...In 1993 drummer Capricornus joins the band. It changes Graveland. Music becomes more alive and dynamic. In 1993 Graveland, inspired by ‘Holy War’ waged in Norwegian Black Metal underground against christianity, records legendary demo ‘In the Glare of the Burning Churches’. This demo gives Graveland lasting place in history of true Black Metal. In 1994 Karcharoth joins band. This man later will play his shameful part as traitor and coward. At the beginning of 1994 Graveland records demo ‘The Celtic Winter’. This demo is released by No Colours rec. It is the beginning of fruitful and full of understanding cooperation of Graveland and No Colours rec. that lasts until today. Graveland records debut LP ‘Carpathian Wolves’ for Eternal Devils Rec. at the end of 1994. Eternal Devils rec. releases 500 CDs and 1000 tapes. All edition is sold out very fast and disappears in the darkness of underground. At this time commercial labels as Osmose prod., Nuclear Blast or Lethal rec. are interested in Graveland. Soon they become eternal enemies of ideas and creation of Graveland. In 1995 Graveland records second LP ‘Thousand Swords’ for Lethal rec. Cooperation is very short because of different ideas and points of view. At this time Capricornus and Karcharoth record first Lp of their band Infernum. But because of N.S. ideas from Cd. and tape cover of ‘...taur-no-fuin...’ Polish State Security Bureau starts to be interested in Infernum. During investigation against Infernum Karcharoth, because of nervous breakdown, testifies against the rest of band causing some serious problems to Darken and Capricornus. Karcharoth changes his politic ideas from every week.First he is faithful follower of right wing ideology and then he starts to support left wing ideas. Karcharoth starts anti-Graveland campaign accusing Darken and Xanquoreth from Fullmoon band of trail of murder on his person. Karcharoth falls into a decline. During Autumn 1997 he is closed in mental disease hospital.

Because of all problems caused by Karcharoth, Graveland’s fans have to wait two years for new LP that is recorded in 1997. ‘Following the Voice of Blood’, released by No Colours rec.,shows that Graveland returns full of power and glare against left wing campaign against the band. Ideas of ‘Following...’reach many pagan and proud souls of White warriors of today’s reality... ‘Thousand Swords’ and ‘Following the Voice of Blood’ show that Graveland has its own original style... barbarian pagan metal full of folk melodies permeated by wild and simple but at the same time spiritful Middle Ages atmosphere. In 1998 Darken and Capricornus record the best,as so far, Graveland LP ‘Immortal Pride’...slow and heavy...full of keyboards and chorus...majestatic Pagan Metal! During winter 1999/2000 Darken recorded material for split with Honor, one of the most popular skinheads bands in Poland. This split “Raiders of Revenge” is released by Resistance rec. This split is a great event, kind of unification of BM and skinheads underground, unification of people who support the same ideas of a strong White Man. Ideas from “Immortal Pride” has found a continuation in newest Graveland LP “Creed of Iron” inspired by Wotansvolk book under the same title written by Ron McVan.

Interviews with Graveland one can read in many magazines and zines, e.g. as: Skogem Mag no.3 (Swi), Pit mag. (USA), Darkness mag. (Ger), Ichor mag. (Fin), Ablaze mag. (full of lies!) (Ger), Franang mag. No.4 (Fra), Seven Scroll issue 2’98 (USA), Genocide mag. (Nor), Totenkopf no.1 (USA)... and much more.

Graveland musicians Darken and Capricornus have also side projects: Lord Wind (Darken’s solo project- pagan folk inspired by old music and pagan beliefs) and Thor’s Hammer (Capricornus’ Aryan Black Metal). Debut Cd and digi pack Lord Wind ‘Forgotten Songs’ is released by Full Moon Prod. Debut Cd. Thor’s Hammer ‘Fidelity Shall Triumph’ is released by Darker Than Black Prod.

Swarog’s fire! Give relief to our souls...depriving us of view of temples of our enemy...that desecrate our pagan native holy places!

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graveland, promo, june, [demo], (1992)

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