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По умолчанию Aryadeva - Invoking The Ancient Forces (2004)

*Год: 2004
*Стиль: Slavonic / Vedic / Black Metal
*Страна: Ukraine
*Формат: [email protected]
*Размер: 43.98 Mb

1. Intro: Dawn Of The Forgoten Union 01:24
2. Ode To The Ancient Pagans 06:15
3. Narration: The Arrival Of Lord Kalki 00:48
4. Invading Horde Of Bhagavan 04:34
5. Ressurection Of The Aryan Empire 06:10
6. Outro: The Echoes Of Heresy 05:01
Total playing time: 25:00

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Artist Review: / Album Review:
Current line-up
Ashok - vocals, lyrics, programming
Faust - drums
Vicknesh - keyboards, programming
Djack - bass
Aton - guitars

AryadevA is certainly not an NSBM (National Socialist Black Metal) band nor do we support racial prejudice! We are not NS sympathizers!

In general, AryadevA exclusively plays a form pagan black metal band which they call it as “Slavo-Vedic Black Metal”. This term is derived from ‘Slavonic Metal’ and ‘Vedic Metal’ (Vedic Metal, a veiled sub-genre in the pagan metal scene was first pioneered by Rudra (Singapore)). Such derivations obviously refers to a pagan identity, the Indo-Slavic (proto-Indo-European) paganism.

Musically, AryadevA strongly in cooperates black metal with a little bit of death & thrash metal, symphony/epic/folk/pagan tunes. The lyrics dealt on Indo-Slavonic paganism, atrocities by the mass organized religions unto the (ancient) Pagans and blaspheming mass organized religions.
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aryadeva, invoking, ancient, forces

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