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По умолчанию Drudkh - Songs Of Grief and Solitude (2006)

*Год: 2006
*Стиль: Pagan / Folk / Ambient
*Страна: Ukraine (Kharkiv)
*Формат: [email protected]/s, Stereo
*Размер: 75.67 Mb

1. Sunset In Carpathians 02:47
2. Tears Of Gods 08:34
3. Archaic Dance 03:28
4. The Milky Way 09:52
5. Why The Sun Becomes Sad 05:45
6. The Cranes Will Never Return Here 03:26
7. Grey-Haired Steppe 02:08
Total playing time: 34:40

Скачать / Download:

Current line-up
Roman Saenko - Guitars, bass (Hate Forest, Blood of Kingu (Ukr), Dark Ages (Ukr))
Thurios (Roman Blagih) - Vocals, keyboard (Astrofaes, Hate Forest)
Amorth (Yuriy Sinitsky) - drums

DRUDKH was created by two HATE FOREST members in the Ukraine. The first album, "Forgotten Legends", was recorded in the Summer of 2002 and contains depressive Black Metal. It was influenced by heathen poetry, nature, and the almost lost Slavonic culture. The second album, "Autumn Aurora", was recorded in the Winter of 2002/2003.

Reviews for Drudkh's Songs Of Grief & Solitude
A Look Into Genius - 96%
Written by orionmetalhead on October 30th, 2006

As soon as I heard that Drudkh were releasing an album completely completely comrised of Ukranian Folk music played completely acoustically, I was overjoyed and elated such as I have never been before. I simply could not wait to turn it on and look deeply into the place where Roman finds his inspiration for this band. Throughout Songs of Grief and Solitude you can pick out songs and melodies that have been used in past Drudkh releases.
Parts of Why The Sun Becomes Sad remind me of Autumn Auroras Sunwheel. and The Crane Will Never Return Here also reminds me of past songs at parts. There are numerous moments of Deja Vu dispersed through this masterpeice. Occasional moments of serene nature sounds bring the nature element into the music and accompanied by woodwind instruments add a majestic and celtic feel to the music. Its a beautiful album, extremely serene and mellow yet, much like jazz - an influence that is seen in the drumming on past albums - does not get boring but more importantly gets more interesting as songs change and morph as your listening to them.
What is so incredible about this album is that it shows the versatility of Roman Saenko's musicianship vision. He is not only seeking to create black metal that is rooted in Ukranian folk-music but also seeking to bring that folk music back to the surface. He is a man who really wants to leave something special for the fans and those who really love what he is doing with Drudkh. The fact that he doesnt give interviews or present us with any information regarding what his plans and dreams are, we have to interpret that through what he does musically. This album is another peice to showing what he really wants to do musically. By welding both traditional folk music and black metal he is drawing two audiences to one point and showing how the music is very similar and dependant on the other.
This is another classic album by a band quickly becoming one of the most prominent and important forces in black metal. With no signs of stopping, Drudkh is paving a road to glory and leaving all other bands in its wake. Pure genius is shaping this band and Saenko, Thurios and Yuri are masterfully creating the future of the genre one masterpiece at a time. This album is yet another addition to that legacy and should be repsected for everything that it offers.
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drudkh, songs, grief, solitude

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