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Еврей Зюсс (= Jud Suess) Скачать версию DivX

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so how did you know there're so many anti-semitic guys here, man? where're u from?
I'm not an anti-semitic guy. I'm not looking for anti-semitic guys. I'm Italian.

The movie in question is the most forbidden movie in the surface of the earth. In many States of Europe its showing is not allowed. About the Movie you can find only demonized reviews.

It’s Strange: forbidden but non-pornographic! Prohibited , but non-violent.

The resentment of the official film rating is in its status: a real picture of the reality. The prototype of the modern Jew is clearly shown together the ways to increase and to keep the power.

Nowadays a Jewish elite (better, a “Jewish Mafia”) lords over in the USA and in the supposed “Free-World”.

We, in Italy, with as many as 108 American military bases in our territory, we are forced to obey the many Jud Suss that command us form the U.S.

This movie lays bare, and rightly underlines, the Jewish way of sexual corruption in the subdued peoples. But this leads a nation to death : vitiating by sex a people and that people turns into a sterile one. Who wants to have kids with a womanizer or with a mouse-hunt? Today a man can lies with you…but tomorrow? Who will raise the babies?

Our progeny is dieing out cause of youngs that don’t remember with whom they have sleeped the day before.

Behind all the bribing propaganda that makes barren, by movies, songs, and TV shows, we can find only the servants of our tyrants, of our “Jud Suss”.
The true genocide occurs today with large damages for us.

I know that Jewish Mafia tried to lead Russia too, but faild because of Putin. However this movie is good for your People too. Don't you agree?

Ciao! (=Hi!)

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