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По умолчанию Peter Andreas Munch - Norse Mythology Legends of Gods and Heroes(1926)

Norse Mythology
Legends of Gods and Heroes

Peter Andreas Munch
In the revision of Magnus Olsen
Translated from Norwegian by
Sigurd Bernhard Hustvedt
New York
The American-Scandinavian Foundation

The Norwegian original on which the present translation is based was
written by Peter Andreas Munch, the founder of the Norwegian school of
history. Munch’s scholarly interests embraced also many related subjects,
such as general history, archaeology, geography, ethnography, linguistics,
and jurisprudence. His varied labors have in large part stood the test of
time. His most important work, the “History of the Norwegian People” (Det
norske folks historie, 8 vols. 1851–63) covering the period of Norway’s
ancient independence ending with the Kalmar Union of 1397, still remains a
source book and a point of departure for historians. The great significance
of Munch’s scholarship lies in its influence upon the modern renascence of
Norwegian culture. In the middle of the nineteenth century he was the most
conspicuous intellectual force in the country, as Wergeland had been
before him and as Bjornson came to be after him. The national spirit in
Norway, which has steadily gained strength, owes a heavy debt to the
gifted leaders of an earlier generation, not least among whom was Munch.
As an historian, as an editor of Old Norse poetry and saga, as a recorder of
the venerable myths and legends of the race, he did yeoman service in
establishing a sense of historical continuity between the Norway of the past
and the Norway of the present. Since his day, Norwegians have labored in
the fields of history, folklore, and related subjects, deepening and
strengthening that fruitful sense of national consciousness which he did so
much to awaken.

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По умолчанию ответ: Peter Andreas Munch - Norse Mythology Legends of Gods and Heroes(1926)

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