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По умолчанию Frequently Asked Questions about Iceland

Answers to the above questions are given below and in other parts of this website (see "Site Map" below and general content above). In all cases, you can contact a local Icelandic Embassy or Consulate, see "Diplomatic Relations" above.

1. Where can I get general information about Iceland?

For information on the web, apart from this website, see "Links on Iceland" and "Travel Links". You may want to consult an encyclopedia (e.g.

2. How do I get to Iceland? Do I need a passport or visa?
There are daily flights to and from Iceland from 20 cities in mainland Europe and North America. Flying time is 2-4 hours from mainland Europe and 5 hours from North America. Icelandair has daily flights year around and Icelandexpress has daily flights to London and Copanhagen. Other airlines offer seasonal services. Most visitors need passports and some need visas. See "Travel & Leisure - Passports & Visas".

3. Where can I get tourist information about Iceland?
Many excellent websites that provide general information on Iceland, both foreign and domestic, e.g. the Icelandic Tourist Board.

4. What import restrictions are there in Iceland?
Customs rules are similar in Iceland as in most other countries in Western Europe. See "Travel & Leisure - Customs Rules".

5. How can I work in Iceland?
Nationals from EEA countries (European Union + Norway and Liechtenstein) do not need work permits in Iceland. Others are required to obtain a work permit and residence permit before arriving in Iceland. See "Residence & Citizenship".

6. How can I study in Iceland?
Iceland offers several opportunities for foreigners to study in Iceland, especially at the university level. See "Studies for Foreigners".

7. Where do I find business contacts in Iceland?
The Trade Council of Iceland assists those who would like to export from Iceland. The Iceland Chamber of Commerce assists those who would like to import into Iceland. The Invest in Iceland Agency assists those who would like to invest in Iceland.

8. How can I get married in Iceland?
For the requirements for marrying in Iceland, see "Marriage in Iceland".

9. Where do I find addresses and telephone numbers in Iceland?
To find addresses and telephone numbers in Iceland, you can consult the telephone directory on the web. The National Register of Persons also provides information on all living Icelanders.

10. How is the weather in Iceland?
Thanks to the Gulf Stream, Iceland enjoys a mild ocean climate. It is cool in summer (Reykjavik July average 10.6°C - 51°F, maximum 24.3°C - 76°F) and fairly mild in winter (Reykjavik January average 0,5°C - 31°F, maximun 9,9°C - 49°F). See "Weather in Iceland".
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