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По умолчанию Faroese keyboard in Linux/BSD

You may have already noticed that in which is a graphycal interface to many UNIX systems including Linux and *BSD versions where it has recently replaced XFree, Faroese keyboard can't be installed as easy as that of any other language. F.ex. when you try to install the Faroese keyboard in GNOME (what I did on my Linux Fedora Core 3) you will probably receive a pop-up which frightens you with error notifications and proposes to send output of several commands to the developpers of There's one solution of this bug proposed by Dejan Lesjak:

which considers a changement in imakefiles of sources. It means that you will need to recompile your X yourself which is unavoidably a very hard task to do. Bearing in mind that the sources weigh up to 56 MB their compiling will result in some hours of waiting in front of your screen. If you're accostumed to get binaries from your distributor and not to bother about those endless compilation options (well, I am!) you'll be wondering whether there could be a simpler solution which doesn't need all this headwashing...

Yes, this kind of a solution does also exist and is again proposed by Dejan. You will need to download the following files:*checkout...omp/symbols/fo

and install them into the folder 'xkb' where the file 'symbols.dir' is present. On my Fedora it is '/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/xkb/'. 'fo' goes there and 'pc/fo' to 'pc/fo' - easy to guess. In my case it was enough to get Faroese keyboard working. Dejan also mentions adding four lines to 'symbols.dir':

--p----- a------- fo(basic)
--p----- a------- fo(nodeadkeys)
--p----- a------- pc/fo(basic)
--p----- a------- pc/fo(nodeadkeys)

Well, this I did not, because the first 2 lines were there already. Og tað er einki problem at skriva føroyskt nú!

P.S. If you wonder where on the Faroese keyboard the letters á, ý, ú, í and ó are, you need to press and release the key corresponding to "=/+" on the USA keyboard and then to press the respective vowel key.
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linuxbsd, keyboard, faroese

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