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Arrow Стипендии для белорусских студентов

Dear All,

The Nordic Council of Ministers has opened a new call for scholarship
applications over the summer months. Belarusian students thus have a new
opportunity to apply for scholarships for studies in Ukraine and in special
cases at universities in other countries that neighbour Belarus. There is
still time at a few universities in Ukraine to apply for studies beginning
in the autumn 2007. Please refer to our Project Associate in Kiev – Larisa
Bronder at [email protected] - for more information about universities
in Ukraine. Please observe that applicants must apply in parallel to the
scholarship programme and the selected university in Ukraine.

The deadline for scholarship applications is the 17 August. Please find
guidelines for applications and application forms at:

“Access to Higher Education for Belarusian Youth” is a scholarship programme
which supports Belarusian citizens to study at the European Humanities
University (EHU) in Vilnius and different universities in Ukraine and in
special cases at universities in other countries that neighbour Belarus. The
programme is financed by the EU and NCM jointly but with the majority of
funds coming from the EU.

This call for applications is not for studies at EHU. For studies at EHU,
please contact EHU directly (

Please help us reaching out to the target group by disseminating this
information to all relevant persons and organizations.

Med vänlig hälsning/
Kind regards
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Стипендии, белорусских, студентов

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