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Flag Swe Разработка курса шведского языка


Looking for a 'Svensk' native speaker in order to start developing a new project based on FINAL START technology. At the initial stage exactly audio recordings needed to be made, to later on create fluency training files (flash drills) with. Draft recordings can be made even by means of a pocket iriver mono 128 kbs - I'll reduce environmental noise myself. The one who agrees to participate should own a middle low male or female voice. The sourse materials are to be sent to the candidate in small portions of plain English text (short everyday phrases) to be carefully translated (classically with no sleng) into native 'Svensk sprak'.
Benefits: Unfortunately there's no budget to feed the project now. When all the classes design is ready, your name and website or business logo ads shall be included in each file of the flash version at its opening. RUS-SW and EN-SW - the two versions are planned to be created for spreading among native speakers of Russian and English.

Scriva mig fran till e-mail: [email protected]
Oleg Ivaniloff
+7(962)9696745 /Cell/
+7(495)1494223 /Home/
FINAL START is a new elite fluent comprehensive English course for Russian spoken people!
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